Items We Accept

We have joined the popular social networking website Pinterest. It is a website where you can make photo collections of products you like, your favorite photographs, your favorite movies, etc. and you pin the pictures onto the board you have created, sort of like an online photo album.

pinterest logoWe will be using the website to post pictures of items we accept in our pawn shop. The board will show examples of the items that you can bring in for a loan or sell to our shop. It has items such as laptops, instruments, cameras, and much more.

You can browse through the products on our Pinterest page to see examples of items we accept and see if your item matches or is similar to the items on our board. It can be found here: Crown Royal’s items we accept board.

We will also create additional boards and post photos of products we like, such as jewelry, watches and more. Our main Pinterest page can be found here: Crown Royal’s main Pinterest page.


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